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Trust Is Our Primary Asset

How Our Program Works

This is NOT a Wonder Bank!

This is NOT an Investment Program!

We are not affiliated with any independent Agent in Nigeria!

We are not HYIP (High Yield Investment Program)
We are not Money Doublers or Baba Ijebu.

We are not Get-Rich-Quick Scheme!

How Joining Our Club Works and Benefits You'll Get:

   What we Offer is to dispense and offer life- changing & enriching information products among our Active members which they can download monthly and regularly to help build their business success.

  We also offer Wonderful and Interesting Referring/Networking Benefits for our ‘ACTIVATED’ members only who bring in their friends, love ones, family members, colleagues, and everyone to join the club through their usernames. Register Free and become activated with just N3,000  to start enjoying our the BENEFITS!

 With our referral programme, you are paid an INSTANT N2, 000 into your chosen bank account in Nigeria. That is, you get paid for every direct members that join the programme through your username and another N500 payment for every indirect members. That is, you get paid N500 for every person that your own down-lines refer and become activated.

For Instance: You register today and become activated. Then you refer only 5 people per week,( you may refer more or less, depending on your efforts) You’ll make N10,000, that is: N2000 x 5= N10,000 direct referral payments. If your down-liners also refer 2 people each… you’ll make N500 on each of them, that is: N5000!     

In total you are making N15000 in a week. This is just an example of earnings, you can make more or less depending on your networking efforts. 90% of our members are making more than N45, 000 Monthly based on this Perfect Referring/Networking Initiative.

  Naira Investment Information Club (NIC) makes payments every Wednesdays into our members chosen bank accounts. All your referring pending payments are accrued and paid out the next Wednesday.

     Register FREE to Get Started & Become Activated to Enjoy all Benefits attached to our Club.

     As an Activated member, you also enjoy an instant access to download our free Internet marketing resource e-books, video lessons and software worth Thousands of Naira in your member area. This sets you to become conversant with all other internet businesses like Google Adsense E-book, How to Make Money in Live Football Matches, Making Money from Facebook, How to Write and Sell Your Own E-book Online for profits, and many more.

 All our downloadable market resource is attached with a Resell Rights which you can download, re-edit, and re-sell them at your price and then keep the money for yourself.

 Some of our resource materials are being expensively bought from the world’s richest internet gurus; they are all free for our Activated members to download.

 We constantly add new innovations, e-books, marketing software daily at our member download section at no extra cost.

It’s a Complete WIN-WIN Situation for you… We do not Make Money if you don’t make money!
Register Now.Click HERE! Embrace Financial Freedom.